The Development of Psychotherapy and Counselling in Metaverse

We have lunched PsyCoMeta company as a novel startup aiming to enable clients to see their psychotherapist or consultant using virtual reality technology through the Internet. This has led us to the exciting idea of counseling in metaverse.

About Us

We believe using metaverse technology is an ideal solution for this mean. Metaverse is a virtual reality (VR)-based simulated environment provided through the third generation of the Internet; we use this technology to facilitate real-time interactions between psychiatrists/psychotherapists and clients in a room mirroring the real world. Placing options such as selection of appropriate avatars and decorations enables the customers to personalize the setting for different purposes (e.g. counseling, therapy, etc.). Moreover, blockchains deliver unique opportunities for maintaining clients’ privacy and facilitate marketing, i.e. easy and fast selling or renting featured spaces using cryptocurrencies.

With more than five years of experience in producing several VR-based contents for the simulation of mental disorders for educational and treatment purposes and applying them in clinical and educational settings (our scientific papers are published in well-known journals and presented at prestigious international conferences), our startup team is halfway to developing a psychiatric setting in the metaverse.

As our metaverse-based platform enables offering enhanced services over distance at large scales, we believe it will be enthusiastically requested by a large number of governmental or private sector customers, such as universities, psychiatric/psychotherapy institutes and clinics, and individual users such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, consultants, and their clients. Customers from different nationalities and languages may choose their favorite therapists from any place in the world through options we provide on our platform.

CEO of PsyCoMeta Start-Up

As a psychiatrist, a faculty and the CEO of PsyCoMeta Start-Up, I am leading a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, idea makers, IT specialists, and business men as developers of the idea of “counseling and psychiatry in the metaverse”.

We present our services in form of B2C, B2B2C, and B2B models.  For payment, our customers can use a subscription model, software licensing, and fee-for-service.

Why Choose Us


PsyCoMeta is a metaverse-based platform letting psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, consultants, and their clients utilize fully immersive and interactive digitally simulated spaces similar to the real world for holding real-time consulting/psychotherapy sessions without even leaving home.


Developing online and remote psychiatric consultation/psychotherapy platforms is a necessity in today’s world; the Covid-19 pandemic proved the importance of such services. Obstacles such as unavailability of psychiatrists/psychotherapists at a near distance or costly face-to-face sessions prevent many people from reaching essential services.


Currently, telepsychiatry and tele psychotherapy are conducted through phone calls or two-dimensional video connections, not possessing the necessary features of face-to-face communication such as the sense of presence to build an effective therapeutic relationship, therefore, increasing the withdrawal rate. 

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